London based dandy Savile Row in Mayfair, London was formerly known as Savile Street. In days bygone, the street was dominated by military officers and their wives. However, once the tailors set foot and their mastery started running, the face of the Row changed effectively. The street is principally known for its traditional bespoke tailoring. Savile Row is credited to have coined the term “bespoke”. It explains fine tailoring of a suit as and when cut and made by hand in totality.

The tailors did their job fine and well but it was Henry Poole and his incursions that established the global fame of the Row. Henry Poole invited the likes of statesmen as well as the royalty, the breed of literary along with theatrical celebrities and other high-profile clients were not far behind either.

Another interesting fact about Henry Poole is his invention of the dinner jacket. Rumour has it that King Edward VII in 1865 requested his friend Poole for a coat which is short and informal yet matches his honour. Poole acted in accordance and thus came the birth of dinner jackets or tuxedo.

Other noted names from history that once constituted the clientele of the Row are Lord Nelson, Napoleon III, Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Jude Law. One interesting fictitious fact is that James Bond supposedly buys his suits from Savile Row as well.

Savile Row’s reputation is solely constructed by its bespoke tailoring. A characteristic English look, restrained, narrow-shouldered along with a lengthy waist, the traits of Row’s craftsmanship are distinct. The Row has exhibited high adaptability to changing times. Not only did it embrace the challenge, but it also maintained its traditional methods intact as well. Today, Savile Row is a premier street in the world for men with a finer taste.