Thread & Tread

For all intents and purposes
Fine fabric is synonymous to comfort whence Sculpere brings forward fabric such as wool blends- silk, mohair, cashmere, linen, from across the world at your service. These textiles are sourced from the best mills and are lightweight. Moreover, they might be curated globally but do maintain the pride of domestic handmade culture intact.

The course of Giving Pattern on Paper

By the book
Pinpoint rules, precise measurements & paper fitting are done at the studio to create an individual paper pattern to deliver every client the crisp fitting and suitable composition in their custom suit they deserve.

Moulding An Impression

Take one’s hat off
The craftsmanship of an experienced hand surpasses all inventions. At Sculpere, each pattern is laid on fabric and cut by hand ensuring on-point curves and lines. Every move of shear provides a form of the silhouette to suit one’s posture, a suit acknowledged by all masters.

Carved with Care

Another string to our bow
If it was not for the hand basting of canvas with shell fabric perhaps we would have never understood the essence of artistry in carving the right shape to the fabric. The special techniques used allow the canvas to float between the fabric and lining enabling it to envelop the body. Further, the chest is shaped at this stage by padding, steaming and shrinking the canvas to form a three-dimensional form. Call it concern or purpose, we deliver nothing less than the best.

Material Meant for You

Ahead of the pack
At Sculpere, we make a conscious effort to select what is best fit for the custom suit & accessories. From lining, canvas and fusibles used in hand basting as well as sewing operations are all a part of our demonstrative process.

By The Hand

Fine-tooth comb
From buttonholes to pick stitches, pocket basting to lining attachment, every task for curating your custom suit is conducted by hand. Our team of technical experts holds more than 40 years of experience setting the path of impeccable grooming. Further, critical details crafted by hand ensure a finesse appeal for the onlooker as well.

In Aligned Harmony

Know the ropes
It does not do to dwell on mastery and ignore the co-ordinated alignment. Therefore, Sculpere insists on the critical assessment of the lapel roll. A large sleeve is 'fitted' into a small armhole to create the holy trinity of comfort, form and movement. Moreover, the setting of the collar is crucial to ensure that the suit sits on the body without lifting off during the movement. It is for this balance of both artisanship and experienced design team, we recommend you request an appointment with the team of Sculpere.
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