Foundation of a great suit
For every great creation there is strong base therefore to achieve the level of excellence in suits we need to have great selection of fabrics.We have the best fabrics from around the world that you can own.Premium blends of superfine wool, silk, mohair, cashmere, linen provides the best shape to your body. With great fabric comes the great comfort,which is unparalleled and unique.


Preciseness of shape
For each of our client we create their personalised paper patterns which are crafted according to their body shape. So that when you wear the suit it fits you like anything, keeping in mind amount of ease and comfort. Because of our precise pattern cutting your suit will gel with the movement of your body postures making you look elevated. Each of your paper patterns are archived at our studio for future reference.


Writing the foundation
Each pattern is laid on fabric and then cut by hand to ensure the curves and lines are on point. Every move of shear provides a form of silhouette to the suit body. It is by hand only you can ensure the right amount of cut which comes with years of experience.


Providing life to flat fabrics
First of all, none of the machine can achieve what hands can. The true nature of craftsmanship lies in the hand basting of cavass with shell fabric which provides the right shape to the fabric. This is done with special techniques to allow the canvas to 'float' between the fabric and lining, and wrap around the body. The chest is shaped during this stage, by padding, steaming and shrinking the canvas to form a three-dimensional form.


In order to create a legacy every detail and effort matters. We in SCULPERE make a conscious effort to choose the best material which will result in the outstanding product. Therefore, right from lining to canvass to fusing to thread we use the best in the industry. Special silk threads are used in hand basting and sewing operations.


The essential human touch
In SCULPERE we believe in providing you with best of quality. In our suits each details are hand done with immense level of craftsmanship. Every detail such as button holes, pick stitch, pocket basting to lining attachment are executed via hands. Preparing the pockets by hand, and securing the ends with tiny 'd-tacks' to prevent sagging. Hand craftsmanship requires numerous years of experience. Our master team has more than 40 years of experience, which sets the path of an impeccable and perfect suit journey for you.


All in sync
The real beauty of suit lies in its lapel roll. Shaping the lapel is crucial for the overall look. A large sleeve is 'fitted' into a small armhole to create the holy trinity of comfort, form and movement. The setting of the collar is crucial to ensure suit sits on the body without lifting off during the movement.
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