How It Works


After what seems like a marriage between craftsmanship, luxe textiles and reserved sophistication we present to you an experience unavailable elsewhere. Sculpere has planned a journey of head to toe customisation ahead for you, the first step of which is to request an appointment.

Dialogue on Design

As subjective as design is, Sculpere aims to provide its clientele with prime suggestions. A team constituting of a designer and technical experts will come to meet you on the scheduled day and venue to assist you in finalising your outfit. Sculpere does not assemble accessories and calls it a look, it takes the initiative of setting a tone around you.

Thoughts, Significance & Customisation

Sculpere offers a wide range of exclusive imported fabric to noteworthy details such as cufflinks,buttons, tie pins, brooches, pocket squares with customisation available in rosewood, gold, silver & platinum. The custom range extends forward to shoes as well. From the construction of the shoes to the colour, the reigns are in your hands. To put it briefly, you decide and we customise!

One Trade, One Tale

We do not make you fit, we measure the fit for you. Every client’s measurements are recorded individually and stored at Sculpere. Known for their skilled craftsmanship in making custom suits for men in India, you can trust Sculpere’s team of experts for precise fitting.

Three Words: Best in Test

Sculpere understands its patron contentment well and aims to serve them in every manner. Moreover, for further assurance our team will bring the first fitting of your custom suit to you for approval and thus continue the process.

The Arrival

Once the handiwork is completed and qualified up to Sculpere’s norms, the custom suit along with furnishings will be delivered by an express delivery service such as Bluedart. Not to brag but at Sculpere we close the conduct with remarkable packaging as well.

Yours truly

This is our story and it goes on for generations. Concluding on a note of regard, we extend our services for refurbishment of the suit as well. Welcome to our home, we prefer taste over haste.
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