Down to a fine art
Precision and surface finishing are two factors behind Sculpere’s exquisite presentation of handmade accessories including brooches, cufflinks, and tie pins.


As an old shoe
Colours, construction styles and an extensive range of leather enable Sculpere to offer complete craftsmanship in delivering you the right pair of footwear. What’s more? These handmade shoes are designed to be as relaxed as your old shoes.

Pocket square

Fine in a fettle
Custom suiting’s are assessed by their accessories and pocket square being a notable one often falls under the crit. However, Sculpere takes the initiative to carve the hand block with hands which is later used for hand block printing on 100% pure silk squares guaranteeing refined textures and sharp finishing. Further, one can add their touch in custom monograms and embroideries as well.


The mills of God grind slowly
How does the old notion of good things taking time go by lately? Handcrafted from brass metal and gold plating Sculpere allows its clientele to engrave their touch in the buttons. Further it maintains the exclusivity of assigning ownership with it ensuring the same design is never replicated elsewhere in the world.


Of the essence
Authentic fundamentals lie in one’s signature. Adhering to the statement, Sculpere allows customisation of the ties both in dimensions as well as the design. Moreover, it holds a variety of textiles ranging from woven jacquards to printed ties on pure silk to choose from.


A stitch in time
The dials of the watches at Sculpere are hand-painted according to one’s wish & will. Staying true to their statement of retaining time, these hand assembled watches also make for an ideal customised gift as well.
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