Art of The Possible-Bespoke Tailoring

“Walk with Kings-nor lose the common touch”, if words are to go by Rudyard Kipling did state a guideline for a complete gentleman. Sculpere holds a similar vision of redefining characteristics of a phenomenal man with customised grooming.

The case of craftsmanship is such that it only becomes refined with sensibilities. As the requirement for clothing was outweighed by the desire for sophistication, comfort and experience, bespoke tailoring came into being. With the new era of men came the demand for personalised clothing. It is a historic way of making handmade suits on the construct of individualistic patterns. Bespoke tailoring operates on the idea of traditional craftsmanship and dignity.

Beginning from the process of being measured, selecting details such as the appropriate shoulder line, the lapel, the silhouette and meeting mid-way for fittings, it concludes with a note-perfect finish. Further, the client is given a level of attention to detail and quality from skilled experts which is not the case with any other clothing.

Savile Row, London was the first to introduce the concept of bespoke tailoring. The force of Savile Row’s craftsmanship was recognised by global figures such as Nelson Mandela Frank Sinatra and members of the Royal Family.

However, India had been famous for craftsmanship and handmade clothing since colonialism. Sculpere takes the initiative of bringing together two heirlooms of the world together and serving experience in tailoring and grooming made just for you.